Installation information
Once you're happy with the worktops you've chosen and the quotation received, we can arrange for your new worktops to be templated, fabricated and installed. It's a simple process which hopefully shouldn't take too long (depending on the size of the project).


We initially arrange a date and time to have your worktop templates done. A professional templater will come to your property to view your kitchen and create a pattern for the worktops.

Once the template has been created, one of our experts will go through the layout with you to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. The measurements and specifications will be confirmed with you and a final price for the installation will be issued.


After your worktops have been fabricated, we can arrange the installation. Prior to our professional installers arriving, please cover any flooring that the installers will have to walk on, as they are required to wear steel-capped boots when carrying heavy granite.

We also advise you to keep any children and pets away from the installation area because vapours from the chemical fixing can be strong. Once the worktops have been levelled and chemically fixed, sealant will be applied.

Installation should not take much longer than a couple of hours.

We also fix undermounted sinks to the granite and can plumb in your new sink at an agreed cost.